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INSIDE Idaho ArcGIS 10.1 Batch Metadata Modifier Tool (Updated 03/04/2014)
Idaho Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Modifying and maintaining metadata for numerous objects can be a daunting task. Out-of-the-box metadata tools within ESRI ArcCatalog 10.1 are designed to primarily allow users to interact with metadata for one object at a time. There are, however a limited number of tools for performing metadata operations on multiple objects. The need exists to develop tools to modify metadata for numerous objects more effectively and efficiently. This tool allows users to select multiple objects and perform operations such as importing elements, creating thumbnail images, deleting elements, and modifying (i.e. finding and replacing) text in elements.

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BLM Idaho Greater Sage-grouse Habitat 2013 - Dissolved (Polygon)
U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Idaho State Office

The 2013 Sage-grouse Habitat Planning Map update incorporates wildfire data and other edits relevant to the 2013 field and fire season as per typical processes used during the past decade. Additional areas of non-habitat, such as paved highways, municipal boundaries, water bodies etc., were also removed. However, the map extent for sage-grouse key habitat and potential restoration areas should be considered provisional, contingent on the final outcome of additional analyses currently underway in association with the national Greater Sage-grouse Conservation Strategy.

This data set contains simple, landscape-scale greater sage-grouse habitat types for Idaho and constitutes a current approximation of sage-grouse habitat in the state. The data can be used for general conservation and restoration planning purposes, but additional data or field verification are needed for applications at finer scales. The habitat types include: (1) key sage-grouse habitat areas and (2) four habitat restoration types: (a) R1 - perennial native and non-native grasslands with high restoration potential; (b) R2 - annual grass dominated areas (either shrubland or grassland) with low restoration potential; (c) R3 - conifer encroachment areas with high restoration potential and (d) RB - areas that have recently burned and the type of habitat that is coming back and its restoration potential has not yet been determined. A new data set will be developed annually to update the planning map and chart landscape-level changes in sage-grouse habitat over time. Edits may also document refinements discovered through inventory, monitoring and modeleing. This data covers all of Idaho and a small area in Nevada that is managed by Idaho BLM. Intended scale of use is 1:100,000.

This dataset is not synonomous with BLM's "Preliminary Prioirty Hbitat" or "Preliminary General Habitat" mapping efforts, as those incorporate additional habitat and sage-grouse population data or models.

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